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May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.
~ Psalm 20:4

Welcome to St. Thomas School!

For over 50 years St. Thomas has offered quality, Christ-centered instruction in downtown Bedford, Pennsylvania.
Our small class sizes and certified, caring teachers foster an attitude of academic growth and personal integrity.

St. Thomas School provides a well-rounded, academic education in a Catholic atmosphere. Each child is treated as an individual as well as part of the class and total school community. The physical, social, cultural, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child are met within his/her stage of development.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 12th: Class Valentine’s Day activities

Wednesday, February 14th: Ash Wednesday - School Mass 8:30am

Friday, February 16th: Snow make-up day (for 2/7/18)

Monday, February 19th: NO SCHOOL - President’s Day

Wednesday, February 21st: Bingo

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Five years ago, my husband and I contemplated the various educational options available in Bedford County. We had a long list of stipulations that our school would have to fulfill. The top three requirements were: (1) high academic expectations, and (2) using problem solving techniques and positive reinforcement to correct behavior disruptions. Most importantly, (3) providing our son with the knowledge of how God and His love can work through each one of us.

After lengthy contemplation, we embraced Saint Thomas the Apostle School for our son Samuel’s pre-school experience. Within a few weeks of school, we knew that we made the right decision, because Samuel loved it!

Today, Samuel and his younger sister Emily attend Saint Thomas School. Like many other families, our children have different strengths and needs. Lessons and classroom activities are specialized to challenge each child and develop his / her unique skills. Catholicism cherishes each individual’s unique talents and abilities; this belief is fostered by the teachers and staff at Saint Thomas. As parents, we believe there are life-long benefits to a Catholic education at Saint Thomas School.

In summation, our family believes that a solid academic foundation, coupled with Catholic values, will provide our children with the skills necessary to capitalize in an ever increasingly competitive academic world. Catholic values, exclusively provided by St. Thomas School, will help our children navigate life’s trials and tribulations with a moral and ethical compass derived from the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The investment required of our family is an investment in future generations, assuring that the hearts and minds of our children will not only excel academically among their peers, but serve as stewards of our faith. In a culture that often seems broken and morally bankrupt, the students of Saint Thomas shall be leaders, and the moral and/or ethical consciences of their generation. Their time at Saint Thomas will be the keystone of a life well-lived.

Parents can hope to give no finer gift than a superior education which will provide spiritual dividends throughout their children’s lives. We are both blessed and grateful to call ourselves a part of Saint Thomas the Apostle Family.

The Pratt Family