Welcome to St. Thomas School! For over 50 years St. Thomas has offered quality, Christ-centered instruction in downtown Bedford, Pennsylvania. Our small class sizes and certified, caring teachers foster an attitude of academic growth and personal integrity.

St. Thomas School provides a well-rounded, academic education in a Catholic atmosphere. Each child is treated as an individual as well as part of the class and total school community. The physical, social, cultural, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child are met within his/her stage of development.

Upcoming Events

February 24th: Dress Down Day

March 1st: Ash Wednesday

March 2nd: Home & School Association Meeting 6:30pm - Fundraising Meeting 8:30pm

March 3rd: School Fish Fry

March 8th: Bingo

March 10th: School Fish Fry

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The Cotchen Family

The Cotchen family has been with St. Thomas Parish for over ten years. There are four members of their family. They enjoy outdoor activities, which include swimming in their pool, cooking outside, and visiting the beach. Greg and Bethany feel that a Catholic education has the advantage of being able to instill good morals and values along with a good education, and developing well rounded students and responsible youth. The class sizes enable the teachers to give closer attention to a student’s needs and provide better instruction than in a larger class environment. As a part of St. Thomas School, the Cotchens believe that the reading programs are of great value to the students, and that enables them to develop in further areas. Currently, the computer lab will allow the students to develop more technologically than in past years. Most importantly, Greg and Bethany feel that faith education is vital in their children’s lives. The Cotchen family chose St. Thomas School because they believe that this school provides a faith-based education for any student in a loving, caring, and safe environment, which provides tools that are needed to reach their full potential.